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News Bulletin March 15, 2022

During a state of emergency or martial law, it is easier for people with disabilities to cross the border. ▪️ By a resolution of March 12, 2022, №264, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted amendments to the Rules for Crossing the State Border by Persons with Disabilities and Accompanying Persons. According to these changes, …

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News Bulletin March 14, 2022

Ukrainians continue to leave their homes due to the invasion of Russian troops. On Wednesday, March 9, it became known that out of two million refugees, more than 80,000 crossed the border with Germany. We have collected up-to-date travel information, stay, legal access to work, education and medicine for Ukrainian citizens in Germany. Entry rules …

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News Bulletin March 13, 2022

Today, President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the citizens of Ukraine with a daily address. In his speech, the President noted that despite the brutal aggression of the Russian invaders, the Ukrainian people are holding on courageously and invincibly, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already inflicted more than 13,000 losses on the enemy, and our …

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