Accommodations in Spain for Ukraine Refugees

Last updated on: February 5, 2023 

There are numerous organizations helping displaced Ukrainian families find a place to stay in Spain. Most important ones are listed below.

Official Ogranizations

  1. CEAR (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado) – EAR is an official spanish commission for helping refugees. They offer to find accomodation options for refugees, as well as help with applying for official protection in Spain. They operate in a variety of spanish regions, you can find the closest to your location here.  
  2. Valencia Region – The Valencian Community has a number of associations that work in conjunction with the Red Cross to help refugees with accommodation and basic needs.
    • Centro de Acogida Ciudad de la Luz. L (Location map
      Location: ALICANTE, Avinguda de Jean Claude Combaldieu
      Phone: 910 474 444
    • Agencia de Mediació Per A la Integració I la Convivència Social Amics de Castelló (Location map)
      Location: CASTELLÓ, Ronda del Millars, 14
      Phone: 964 244 722
    • Centro de Apoyo a la Immigración (CAI) (Location map)
      Location: VALÈNCIA, Carrer del Pou
      Phone: 962 087 423
      Monday-Friday 08:30-14:00
  3. Barcelona Region (Catalunya)
    • GenCat Catalunya amb Ucraïna  (Location map) – is a website established by the Catalan regional administration in order to offer assistance to Ukrainian refugees. They have opened a Center for Reception, Welcome and Referral of Displaced Persons from Ukraine in Hall 7 of the Montjuïc compound of Fira de Barcelona.
    • SAIER Barcelona (Location map) – is the support service to immigrants and refugees. They provide social aid and help with accommodation. However, they require NIE and scheduling of an appointment first.

NGOs and Other Organizations

  1. Acogida Ucrania España / Житло та допомога в Іспанії – This Facebook group can be accessed by both people seeking accommodation in Spain and people wanting to offer living quarters for Ukrainian refugees.
  2. BUE, Bienvenidos Ucranianos España – This NGO offers to establish contact between displaced people and volunteers with available transport and accommodations.They have published a form for families arriving in Spain seeking shelter to fill out in order to get in touch with volunteers offering living quarters.
  3. ACCEM – ACCEM is a NGO that helps accommodate and provide for refugees and people in vulnerable situations.
  4. ICANHELP.HOST – ICANHELP.HOST is a Europe-wide service for displaced people to look for temporary accommodation offered by volunteering families.
  5. Ukraine Take Shelter – This is a platform that connects Ukrainian refugees with hosts willing to offer housing around Europe. 
  6. Emergency Home – is a NGO that collaborates with volunteers and real estate companies in order to offer housing for people in emergency situations. 
  7. Штаб української допомоги у ЄС is a Telegram group that periodically posts housing offers in countries of the European Union, as well as many helpful resources for Ukrainian refugees in the EU. Recommendation: use tags the tags #житло #жилье #Іспанія #Испания when searching for accommodation offers.
  8. (ONLY IN CATALUNYA) – is a webpage where you can contact volunteers that offer living quarters for displaced Ukrainians in the Catalunya region.